Thursday, October 1, 2009

2 for 1

So my business casual work outfit had a greater emphasis on the casual. But I got a complement on my boots! They're from Madewell and I got them for my birthday a few weeks ago. Woohoo!

I got semi-creative with dinner and decided to bake squash and zucchini. I coated them in oil olive, sprinkled them with sea salt and pepper, and then baked them for 25 minutes at 425 degrees.

While the veggies were baking, I boiled pasta and sipped some of the leftover wine.

For some reason, I love meals that are mixed together in one bowl. Everything gets blended for a nice taste and texture! As soon as everything was ready, I dumped the veggies in with the whole wheat penne and then topped everything with feta cheese. It was a nice and light dinner, and truly scrumptious!

I had to drive to Medford at 7:15 so I could get my 1st massage. When I arrived, I was forced to face another first. I had to parallel park my car! I had NEVER done that before. The space was pretty tight and I might've played a bit of bumper cars. Sorry! But I got the car in the space and made it to the spa on time.

My 30 minute back massage was great. A Touch of Spa was affordable, but still offered a great service. I felt so pampered. When I was fixing my hair after my treatment, I noticed I had a red line down my forehead from a crease in the headrest. Embarrassing. I lathered on some Apple Cinnamon lotion that was in the room. I smell like a piece of apple pie! I have 3 treatments left in my birthday package. I think I'll book the facial next!

So after a day consisting of relaxing in the sauna, parallel parking for the first time, and getting my first back massage, I'm ready to watch the Office and call it a night.

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