Friday, October 2, 2009

In the Bag

Style Bakery posted its Fall Handbag Guide.

#s 1-3 include the color red, stud details, and ruffle details. I couldn't agree more!

1. Red: I love adding random bits of color to outfits. A red bag, a close second to red shoes, adds a nice pop! to what you're wearing.

2. Stud details: Again, on bags or on shoes, studs are awesome. They can give a girlie outfit a bit of edge. I'm on the lookout for a pair of stud earrings. I can't remember where I saw the pair that I really wanted...possibly at Urban Outfitters?

3. Ruffle details: I was walking by the Cole Haan store on Newbury Street and I saw a ruffled bag that I adored. The opposite of a bag with stud details, ruffles can add a girlie look to a plain outfit.

Hope you enjoyed the brief departure from food and exercise. My cousin used to tell people that shopping was her cardio, and I totally echo that sentiment!

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  1. I just bought a new purse at...Target! I love that place and refuse to spend loads of money on things like purses, sunglasses, etc...
    My new purse is small black purse from the Target Hollywood Intuition line. It has a detachable shoulder strap so it can also be used as a clutch. It has a "rocker" vibe which is kind of my style. I love it!
    I have a red purse that I've been using for two years that's still in good shape.

    I love the fashion talk on your blog!