Saturday, October 17, 2009

Party On Wayne

Muffin in a Bowl! I ended up eating this with a fork so it would be neater.

I've been up since 8:15 this morning! Yeahhh, but that's early for ME. I've been doing stuff to get ready for our Oktoberfest themed party Jared nicknamed Steinfest later this afternoon.

Jared downloaded a CD of German drinking songs. We're serving bratwurst and knackwurst. Even though I'm breaking from the true German theme, I downloaded 20 polka hits. I'm 1/2 Polish so I couldn't resist.

I won't photograph everything I eat and drink today, but I'll take pics of the spread and post them later tonight. And I'm taking the day off from exercise!

I'd also like to raise my glass and wish a Happy Saturday to everyone!!!


  1. Sorry we aren't sounds delicious...I'm sure you will not overdo on sure to post picts...