Saturday, October 10, 2009

Race Registration

We walked to the Fens to register for the Boston Half Marathon.

I was super psyched to get a t-shirt with the Unicorn on it. I've always thought it looked so cool on all of the marathon merchandise, and now I'm an actual participant.

I wonder what the results will be. Can't wait til tomorrow!

Beautiful day in the Fens!

I love living in Boston, especially in the fall.

We walked down Huntington Ave on our way home. Northeastern has it's very own wiffle ball field!

This truck tried to make a left onto Huntington and it was an epic failure. Not sure how long the road will be blocked. This is why driving in Boston sucks!

Jared made his sandwich special: turkey sandwich on wheat bread with cheese and pickles, apple slices, and Wheat Thins. I started watching the BC/VA Tech football game at the beginning of the 3rd Quarter. BC was down 34-0. Yikes!

I'm estimating we walked a total of 5 miles from the South End to the Fens and back. Our walk included a quick stop at City Sports so I could get my own foam roller. I thought Miles would be exhausted cuz he has such little legs, but I'm pretty tired too. After I was done with lunch, I used the foam roller for 5 minutes. Now I'm ready to relax for 30 minutes.

We're hosting brunch after the race tomorrow so I really need to clean and vacuum the apartment!


  1. If only there were sparkles on the unicorn...

    Isn't the foam roller a workout itself? I'm always tired after using it.

    Good luck in the race!

  2. Yeah the BC game is not going so well.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Congrats on the BAA apparel and good luck on your half!! I'll actually be up there on Monday for the Tufts 10K. Fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow/Monday!

  4. Thanks for sending lots of luck my way.

    All forecasts are indicating great running weather for tomorrow and Monday. Yay!