Saturday, October 3, 2009

BC vs. FSU

Raining cats and dogs all morning! Miles did not want to go outside to pee so I had to run out in pajamas and slippers and force him into the backyard. The things we do for our pets!

I snacked on a blueberry muffin while getting ready to go.

We went to Chris's house to watch the BC/FSU football game and enjoy his Healthy Tailgating Recipes for the new blog he's launching. I met some other bloggers and ate a lot of delicious food!

I was starving but the food wasn't ready so I had a small glass of Malbec to hold me over.

We got to Chris's a few minutes after kickoff. The guys were all about drinking Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin to add to the fall-like atmosphere.

The first snack was healthy nachos with ground turkey, lowfat cheese, and fresh vegetables. These were one of the highlights of the day!

Chris had several variations of chicken wings for us to test.

Jared was the true wings expert.

I was not the best person to test the wings because I don't care for spicy foods. I love Blue Cheese so I was on board to test both blue cheese dips. The chunkier version made with plain Chobani and Blue Cheese crumbles was outstanding! I loved it so much I even ate it by the spoonful when I was done with my wings.

Potato skins. This recipe needed a bit of work.

Pita pizzas baking in the oven.

After eating such spicy foods, I switched to white wine. This was around the time that BC pulled off their win over Florida State so I needed to have a victory drink anyway.

There were several different types of pita pizzas to choose from. I tried the BBQ chicken and the Sausage pitas.

Mmmm! Everything tasted great to me.

We shared pieces of cookies from Flour Bakery for dessert.

We ended the night with some board games. We attempted to play Trivial Pursuit but we quit early-on after everyone kept getting the questions wrong. Scattergories was a lot more fun!

I have to wake up early tomorrow to drive to my parents' house. I'm running in a 5K at Bryant University with my aunt, uncle, and cousin.


  1. Great spread! The chobani blue cheese is genius.

    Good luck in your run!

  2. Thanks! Chris is a great cook. I'm hoping to improve my skills and reach his level someday.

    I'm hoping to finish the 5K in under 30 minutes. So definitely keep your fingers crossed for me!