Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fashion Boston - October 2009

I finally had a minute to skim the Fashion Boston newspaper I picked up yesterday. The highlight was a several page spread with brightly colored party dresses! I'm always on the hunt for the perfect dress...which is often easier to find than somewhere to go!

In the Q&A section, a reader from Waltham, MA asked what colors are in style for fall? She's tired of trying to dress for the season and then getting stuck wearing too much brown. Lisa Pierpont suggests accenting brown clothes with colors including ruby, purple, or orange. I started thinking about how I can do this with my wardrobe without having to hit the stores.

  • Cranberry corduroy pants: Do you remember the book about Corduroy the Bear? He was so cute in his little green overalls! I think I can take it up a notch with my cords. I have 2 pairs that are boot cut, but my cranberry ones are matchstick style. I'll probably wear them with a crisp white button down.
  • Dark purple tights: I've owned this pair since high school. I wore a uniform skirt so tights or knee socks were in style . I could bring these back into action by wearing them with a dark colored dress and my Frye boots.
  • Orange 3/4 sleeve polo shirt: Though I usually reserve this shirt for UF games (Go Gators), I think I could tone it down and make it look more fall-like if I paired it with a cream colored grandpa cardigan, jeans, and some ballet flats.

Pierpont makes amusing, though a little out-there, suggestions for a great fall/winter jacket. A poncho? Leather? A vest? IMHO, or rather, in my shopping opinion, a great jacket is super soft wool and comes in a delicious caramel color. It's a neutral so I could pair it with anything and it will stay in style for multiple seasons I can justify splurging a little!


  1. This post is making me want a new winter coat!! I really love the ones this year with the cowlneck/scoop necks and the belts (I have no idea if you know what I mean but they're so cute!).

    I'm glad mixing up brown with colors is in season. I've been really into purple since the summer and just bought an orange shirt. It's really not often I'm hip to the trends ;)

    Oh, and I just noticed - thanks for adding me to your blogroll!!

  2. Erin:

    You're welcome. While I try to follow the trends, my wardrobe never reflects that. Way too much $ to keep up, haha. I think I know what type of coats you described. Plus belted stuff is supposed to be really flattering. (Reminds me, I need to get my long belted jacket from my parents' house!)