Thursday, October 8, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

I was craving Special K with Red Berries this morning, but we're out. Kashi's Strawberry Fields was the closest option. I had to apologize to Jared because this was technically his cereal and I finished the rest of the box. He doesn't like the Puffins or raisin bran boxes that are left. Good thing he bought a new box of frozen waffles last night!

Definitely wore a pair of Chuck Taylors to work today. I've had a blister on the back of my ankle since the beginning of the week and it needs to heal by Sunday. I'm wearing the most comfortable shoes possible from now until the 1/2 Marathon.

I was craving an orange for a mid-morning snack but I always make a mess when I attempt to peel them. No reason to get sticky and dirty so early in the work day. I tried a new bar today: Clif's Mojo Fruit and Nut bar dipped in vanilla cream.

As soon as I opened the wrapper, I knew I was going to be impressed. I loved the salty flavor of the nuts combined with the sweetness of the berries. The vanilla cream was literal and figurative icing on the cake. Amazing!

I'm wearing my last sample Flector patch. Time to fill my prescription. These patches have been life savers over the past two weeks. I've been waiting until after the 1/2 Marathon to schedule a PT appointment and they've gotten me through uncomfortable days sitting at my desk.

I had a turkey sandwich on wheat bread topped with American cheese, lettuce, and pickles for lunch, accompanied by Parmesan cheese flavored goldfish crackers. Pretty basic, but I was happy.

I'm meeting with a trainer tonight so I didn't want to workout this afternoon, and since I was wearing the Flector patch, the sauna was a no-go. I've never worked weith a trainer before so I'm really psyched for this session. I don't have the money to see a trainer on a regular basis. I need to get as much as I can out of this one free session!

I decided to use my lunch break to go shopping! I can't reveal too much info because family members read this blog. All I can say is that I started my Christmas shopping. Woohoo! I have a very serious budget because I only get paid once per month.

I snacked on a handful of trailmix when I got back from my shopping adventures. Decided it wasn't exciting enough to photograph cuz it looked the same as the handful I ate yesterday.

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  1. I love chucks! Comfiest shoes ever. I don't get why some people say they're uncomfortable. Does not compute.

    That's awesome that you're getting a free session. Make the most of it for sure!

    Uh, Christmas shopping. :) I can't believe there's almost only two months till Christmas. Where did this year go?