Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Run Day

I started the morning off with a bowl of Cinnamon Puffins topped with banana slices.

Jared and I drove to my parents' house to meet my cousin before the race.

To fuel for the 5K, I snacked on a Chai Tea Luna Bar. Yay, another favorite flavor. I like the chai spiciness. This was tasty.

We had a large support system at the starting line with us. Becky was a little nervous for her first 5K so she appreciated the extra encouragement.

We were all smiles at the beginning of the race. Little did we know that we would be running up slippery trails and pushing ourselves to the max!

My Uncle Jon took off like a bullet from the start. I think his final time was just about 25 minutes. He ran Cross Country in high school so he knew what he was getting into.

I pushed myself harder than I ever have before. After the last big hill, I thought I might be sick. But somehow I forced myself to keep going and even managed to break into a run as I neared the finish line. 3.1 miles in 27:19...I'm proud of myself!

Becky struggled with cramps towards the end of the race but my Auntie Carol talked her through it. They both met their goals, finishing in just under 30 minutes!

This is our After picture, a little tired and a lot sweaty. But overall, a great experience to share with my family and good speed work before the 1/2 Marathon.

There was a post-race BBQ and I took advantage of everything. I had a veggie burger with lettuce, onions, and pickles. Plus 2 slices of watermelon and a raspberry dessert bar! It probably wasn't the healthiest meal but it felt good to eat after working so hard and draining all of my energy.

I was happy to see my parents' Siberian Husky Natasha. She has beautiful blue eyes and she's such a low key dog. Nastasha is getting old, she's 12, but she is good about tolerating my crazy corgi when he's in town.

I went shopping with my mom and helped her buy a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding. I'll find any excuse to go to the Wrentham Outlets. I got a pea coat at J. Crew for 40% off, plus a 15% discount because I have a college ID. Can't beat those savings.

My mom was really psyched to make spaghetti squash. She cut the squash in half and then scraped out the seeds.

She baked for 45 minutes.

Then she scraped out the "spaghetti" insides. Mmmm!

My plate was filled with a wheat roll, spaghetti squash, "Chicken Leo" named after my grandfather (unfortunately I don't remember the real name), and wheat egg noodles. Look out for leftovers over the next few days.

I had a slice of homemade apple pie for dessert, accompanied by a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream.

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  1. What a great running support system! Congrats on a great race.