Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Friday

I broke into the box of Cinnamon Puffins for breakfast. I think I like the Peanut Butter flavor best, but this was still tasty. The cereal stays nice and crunchy even after the milk is added.

We don't have a full length mirror in the apartment so I have to move the shower curtain and stand on the edge of the tub to see my entire outfit. It was in the 40s this morning, quite chilly! I have several sweaters with toggle buttons. Now is definitely the appropriate time to wear them. Plus my Ugg moccasins! Flats look better without socks but my feet get way too cold. The moccasins' fuzzy lining comes in handy during the Fall and Winter in Boston.

I'm also "mad for plaid." I bought a lot of it last fall/winter and I'm glad it's still in style. I have at least 4 button down shirts, and also 2 dresses, in various colors and patterns.

I usually snack on a bar in the afternoon but I decided to change things up a bit. I tried a Clif Kid Z Bar in the Honey Graham flavor. Mmm! Anything with an icing swirl is right up my alley! The texture was chewy but not sticky.

It took a day, but my post-run soreness from Wednesday night's long run as finally kicked in. My hip flexors are pretty tight. Walking is a little bit difficult and I feel like a little old woman. I'm going to to do some light cardio later today and then take extra time to STRETCH.

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