Monday, October 5, 2009

Style Stealer

Photos from Style Bakery and In Style

Natalie Portman looks adorable in this outfit! I wouldn't change a thing, though I might hem her jeans a little bit shorter. I've always thought capes were so cute and I've wanted one for years. I don't think I'm stylish enough to pull off the look. So I'll leave the cape hanging on the rack at the store and go home with Natalie's dark jeans, white tunic blouse, and a brightly colored scarf. I think that shade of green looks really nice on someone with dark hair.

Just remembered my navy blue pea coat I purchased yesterday. That will look perfect for my interpretation of this look!


  1. A blazer would look good as well. Love this look.

  2. Good call! I already own a navy blue blazer. Maybe I'll try to recreate this outfit for work later this week. Gotta look through my bin filled with scarves and pick a color, haha.