Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brisk Morning

~How do you stay warm as the weather gets colder?!?!~

It was so chilly this morning. I didn't want to leave the warmth of my down comforter to shower and get ready for work. I had a cup of coffee right away. Boston Common Coffee Co.'s Breakfast Blend is ok. I feel like I'm in the mood for something flavored and seasonal. We go through bags of beans pretty quickly so I'll opt for something else in a week or two.

I think I was still wearing my glasses when I photographed my coffee. My prescription is too weak so I didn't even realize that the photo was blurry. Time to make an appointment with the eye doctor!

I was so hungry when I got to work so I dug into my breakfast as soon as I sat down at my desk. I'm usually loyal to Chobani but Stonyfield Farm Oikos was the only Greek yogurt at Shaws when I did my last grocery shopping. It was good. I think I'd like to try more flavors. I know I bought strawberry Oikos but this blueberry one was the last container left. I bet Jared ate the rest!

Self-portrait as I worked away the morning and snacked on an apple. I have a huge project to finish by Thanksgiving so I'd better get going...


  1. I wish I could find greek yogurt! I really want to try it.

    Good luck with your project :)

  2. Thanks Diana!

    My good friend works for Chobani. I first tried some to show support for her when she got the job. Now I'm completely hooked.

    Chobani is only in the US right now. I wonder if any other companies that make Greek yogurt are international???