Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Significant Improvement

My smoothie did not keep me full for very long. Maybe I should've blended the whole banana? I snacked on a Jam Frakas Lara Bar. I'm just a kid at heart. I liked this kids bar much better than the grown up Lara bars.

I've gotten SO many compliments on my shoes and my hair this morning. I finally asked if I look so much crappier on most other days that people really appreciated this outfit?

Nahhh! I don't dress bad for work, just super casual, so coworkers notice when I dress up a bit more. I think people liked the grey dress/pink shoes combo. And waking up 20 minutes earlier might've helped! I was inspired by an article I read on Divine Caroline about dressing in various shades of grey for an updated monochromatic look.

I really did NOT want to eat this for lunch but I didn't have any other options. We are out of bread, milk, cheese, lettuce, etc. etc. A grocery emergency has been declared and we'll probably go shopping tonight!

That being said, this Lean Cuisine actually wasn't that bad. There were a lot of veggies and chicken pieces and the pasta wasn't stuck in one bland lump this time. Go LC!


  1. Looking cute. :) I like that combo (grey and pink) too!

  2. I love your dress! If I didn't get so cold every day, I'd wear dresses daily:)

  3. Apparently grey is the new it color this fall so you're totally ahead of the game! I love the pink shoes - super cute! Smoothies don't usually keep me full that long. I usually have to have a breakfast part two!

  4. Thanks! :o)

    I'll probably add a turtleneck, tights, and boots so I can wear this dress once it gets colder.