Friday, October 9, 2009

Bring on the Banana Bread

I was SO hungry when I woke up this morning. Between plain and apple banana bread, I'm overwhelmed trying to eat everything before it goes bad.

I snacked on an orange around 10 am and made a small mess, sprayed orange juice all over my keyboard, desk, and on my cardigan. Oops! At least I got plenty of Vitamin C.

As if I'm not dressed down enough every other day, I made my own Casual Friday by wearing jeans and sneakers. At least I look semi-business casual while I'm sitting at my desk and people can only see the cardigan.

Sneakers were still a must-wear. The blister on the back of my heel isn't doing too well. It doesn't hurt when I'm wearing a band aide, but it's not healing. I'm afraid it will start to bleed after 13 miles of running. Gross!

I made a list of exercises that Trainer Ian gave me last night. I couldn't remember his crazy names for everything, but at least I can recall what I'm supposed to do.

No lunch photo because...well, it was anther frozen meal. One more left in the fridge. I swear I won't buy anymore because they don't taste good enough. Not worth spending the money!

I was psyched to finally hit the gym. I made a beeline for the foam roller and did the 2 exercises to loosen up my hips. I felt like I needed to move around a little bit so I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Since I forgot my headphones, I was stuck looking out the window and watching the cars on Route 9. I went back to the foam roller for more sets of hip loosening exercises. I did a tiny ab workout and then I had to get back to the office.

I had a few bites of another loaf of apple banana bread. I have a feeling this will be finished before I leave for work. I will forever and always "HEART" carbs!

Then I was ready to try a new bar! As soon as I opened this, I was reminded of Lara bars. Maybe the almonds made me like it a little bit more? Or maybe it was because I was starving? But overall I thought this was pretty tasty. Sticky and chewy texture with a pretty strong apricot taste and crunchy bits of almonds.


  1. I'm a carbs girl too, definitely. :P

  2. Carbs are your friend! Eat them and enjoy every bite :)

  3. That banana bread look you bake that yourself