Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1st Day of School

I was really nervous to go to HealthWorks for the first time. I'm such a dork! It felt like the first day of school. I had my gym clothes packed and I was so nervous but excited at the same time.

I tried to pack better foods to eat at work. I snacked on the NY apple (Mmm, much better!) around 11 am and then ate the burrito at noon.

I was ready to head to HealthWorks by 12:45 pm. All I had to do was grab my gym bag and walk out through the building's main lobby. HealthWorks was about 15 steps away from the front door.

Crappy shot of my view of the Chestnut Hill HealthWorks. Cars were backing out and looking at me like I was a crazy person for standing in the driveway and taking pictures.

I got a brief tour of the workout facilities and the spa-like locker room. Then I was on my own! I brought Budget Travel magazine to read during my cardio. I chose to use the Elliptical machine for 22 minutes. It seemed like a safe bet. I hate working out in new environments. I get really nervous and I can't focus on what I'm doing. Today I was more interested in looking around, trying to figure out where the wipes were so I could clean the machine when I was done. As I become more comfortable, I have lots of options so I can vary my workouts. Boredom won't be a problem!

After cardio, I found a nice little corner with free weights and all the ab workout items I could ever dream of. I didn't have a plan in mind and I just played around with everything. I did a little bit of bicep/tricep/shoulder work, 3 sets of leg lifts on that stand where you balance on your forearms (does that make sense? I don't know what it's called), and then I stretched on a mat.

I almost got lost trying to go back to the locker room and find my stuff. I feel SO spoiled at this gym. I know I'm paying for the membership but I don't feel like I deserve to be working out somewhere so nice. I changed my clothes and listened to soothing classical music. I even sampled some of the body lotion that was by the makeup mirror. Even though I skipped the sauna today, I still feel pampered and even rejuvinated. Definitely ready to take on the rest of my day!

Someone left free vegetables by the mailboxes. I can't turn down fresh from the garden produce! I took a big zuchini and two little baby squashes. Now I need to think of ways to use this in my meals for the rest of the week. Mmm hmm....


  1. I totally agree on new work out environments! I always feel confused the first few times....I don't even like it when they move machines around or change out old ones!

    I hope you like the Luna and Z-Bar. I think the chocolate chip Z-bar is my favorite....and Clif also has new bars that I've been eating more often since I got sick of always eating Lunas....Mojos! All of the Mojos are yummy, but the peanut butter pretzel Mojos are awesome (I have blogged my love for them).....they don't have AS many vitamins as Luna, but the taste can't be beat!

  2. I didn't see any Mojos at Trader Joe's. I'll probably shop at Shaws next week and they usually have a bigger selection. Love the new snack recommendation! :o)

    Or maybe I'll get motivated and walk to Whole Foods. Though it's a lot further from my apartment so it will be a pain to haul groceries home! Haha.