Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't feed the animals

I just noticed how many bottles of red wine are in the apartment. 10! Plus there are 2 bottles of white in the fridge. I know exactly how this happened: We live next door to the Wine Emporium. I love stopping in, but it's going to be a while before we actually need to restock.

I had 4 Vienna Fingers for a snack. Mmm! This is what happens when I try to photograph food while the corgi is around. He is always begging for a handout.

With all of this food photography, I'm learning to slow down my eating. It's helping me to be more aware of what I using to fuel my body. Instead of just grabbing a snack and scarfing it down, I actually need to carry it out of the kitchen and create a photo opp. I'm paying attention to make sure I eat what's healthy, and also what I'm ultimately craving.

What a great picture! Miles must have found some crumbs on the floor.

I was craving a veggie burger for dinner. We ran out of ketchup so I added a bit of Ranch dressing. I also had some cucumbers and baby carrots. Fresh raw veggies! I need to learn how to plate my food better. The picture doesn't do the meal justice!

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