Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Biggest Loser

I NEEDED a quick snack before I headed out to the Madewell Fall Denim Tour. A bowl of Wheat Thins did the trick and I was out the door.

After the event I met Jared at Trader Joe's for a quick grocery shopping. We had a lot leftover from our big trip to Shaws last week so I just stocked up on fresh fruit, lunch meat, and a few items that are exclusive to Trader Joe's.

I was the Biggest Loser tonight for wasting my time at the Madewell event. The store was packed! There was barely room to move around and look at the clothes. Servers were passing trays of appetizers but I didn't feel like eating while being jostled by crazed shoppers. It was 1 million degrees in there so I stayed just long enough to grab a goodie bag. The bag contained a Lucky magazine (already read it at the gym), a pin, a poster, and these ridiculous sunglasses. Oh well. It was free and at least I was right near Trader Joe's. Shopping for food was much more fun than shopping for clothes!

I have a great selection of bars in the snack drawer. I took the suggestion to get the S'mores flavored Luna bar and the Z bar. Can't wait to work my way through and try these flavors.

It was my night to make dinner. I made Spinach and Artichoke raviolis and topped them with Trader Joe's Alfredo sauce, and a side salad of lettuce, cucumbers, and red peppers with Italian dressing.

Jared suggested wine...and who am I to argue? I felt a little guilty because we drank wine last night, but I've read enough information about the Mediterranean Diet and I believe that wine in moderation is allowed. This is my 2nd bottle of Gruner Veltliner. I taste that it's a nice, crisp white with the perfect amount of acidity for my palate.

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  1. Great bar stash you've got there!

    Sorry to hear the Madewell event was dissappointing. I hardly ever find things there that I like. At least you got some free sunglasses :)