Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lazy Sunday!

Wow, went to bed at midnight and didn't wake up until 10 am. Now I'm really glad I didn't set an alarm because I obviously needed some extra sleep. Fresh air and sunshine during the day always equals a good night's sleep.

The weather in Boston is gorgeous again today so I am hoping to do something outside. Maybe Miles deserves a walk to the dog park? Or maybe the boyfriend's appendectomy has healed enough to attempt a short run?

But first I want to make a bowl of oatmeal! I still use packets of the instant stuff but all of my favorite bloggers, especially Kath Eats Real Food, make their own and add tons of tasty toppings. That will be me one day!


  1. You'll definitely have to try to stovetop oats with toppings and the oatmeal pancakes...YUM! They are my go-to breakfast choices.

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  3. I bought some stove top oats this afternoon. I have a few topping options I'm looking forward to later in the week. Can you send the recipe for oatmeal pancakes so I can attempt that over the weekend?