Thursday, September 24, 2009


I chose to eat breakfast at work this morning. I packed some strawberry yogurt and granola. Easy enough and always a crowd pleaser.

I was such a snack-monster today. It was 11:15 and I just HAD to eat my lunch. I bought more delicious rolls when we were at Shaws so I used one to make a turkey sandwich with cheese, lettuce, and pickles. Plus Sunchips as a side, obviously!

I ate an apple around 12:30 but my camera was charging so I couldn't take a picture.

I went to the gym at 1:30 and used my time wisely: 25 minutes on the Elliptical machine and free weights for my upper body. Jared and I are supposed to run 3 miles tonight so I didn't feel the need to push myself too hard. I remembered to pack face wash and Cottonelle wipes to clean up after my workout. What a huge difference! I'm not too sweaty when I finish at the gym and I always splash water on my face and refresh my deodorant. Even so, when I get back to work, I feel kinda grimy. I feel so fresh and so clean clean today! Why weren't these 2 items in my gym bag before today?!?!

I was hungry when I got back in the office so I tore into a Luna bar. Mmmm! I loved this so much more the the Lara bar I ate yesterday.

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