Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hob Nob

We went to Anchovies for dinner and I made sure to order a glass of Malbec while we waited for our table. As soon as we sat, the guys decided they wanted a bottle of Hob Nob. Equally delicious!

I ordered the chicken and artichoke salad with the pesto dressing on the side. It was nice and light yet still filling. Plus I love the pesto dressing! We ordered a 2nd bottle of Hob Nob so we could sip and chat. Chris is starting a food blog geared towards guys. He's going to have some Boston bloggers over on Saturday to try out healthy tailgating recipes. So excited to be there to take pictures and sample the food!

I couldn't find my camera so I had already eaten half of my raisin bran cereal when it finally turned up and I got my breakfast photo.

Jared is cleaning the back door and taking out the screen. No more breezes! They were getting too chilly anyway. We're going to run 3 miles and then get ready for the New England Dessert Showcase later this afternoon.

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