Tuesday, September 15, 2009

But I Don't Wanna

I did NOT want to go back inside the office after my lunch break. It's much too nice outside! I'm like a whiny little kid who just wants to stay outside and play for a little bit longer. Please?!?!

Earlier I snacked on a bag of 100 calorie Sunchips. I waited until 12:20 pm to have lunch. Someone must've microwaved fish because the kitchen stunk! Anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT like seafood. I'm getting better about trying stuff, and I've even enjoyed things like ahi tuna and ceviche. However there is NO way I'll ever like the smell of stinky fish. So anyway... I scurried downstairs to use the microwave on the 1st floor and raced back up to my office, having to pass through the fish stench each time. I was too distracted to remember to photograph my meal. But it looked the same as yesterday and tasted just as yummy. Thanks again Mom!

I was going to walk towards BC's campus and the reservoir during my lunch hour. When I changed into my Nikes, and added a huge pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses to the ensemble, I decided I looked to ridiculous to be seen in public. I power walked around the cemetery for 30 minutes and listened to fun songs on my ipod. Those Stevie Wonder tunes put a smile on my face!

3 more hours left in the office! I'm in a great mood. I can't wait to spend a few more hours outside after work. I have a feeling we'll end up taking Miles to the dog park and we'll go for a run tomorrow evening.

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