Monday, September 14, 2009


At 10:30 I decided to snack on a peach while I took a quick work break to browse the catalog from one of my favorite stores: Anthropologie!

Lunch was leftover American Chop Suey.

During my lunch hour, I walked across the street to Sovereign Bank, City Sports, and the Container Store. The Container Store was like heaven for someone like me who is crazy obsessed with organization. I was able to contain my excitement and only bought the item I went in looking for...a wooden rack to hang my handbags in my closet.

I had another bottle of water and some baby carrots for an early afternoon snack. These tasted so fresh and crunchy. Sometimes I forget to eat bags of baby carrots because they end up in the back of the fridge, and then they end up tasting old and bland.

Then I had an iced oatmeal raisin Luna bar for my late afternoon snack. I loved everything about it! Well, ok, I loved the icing drizzle most of all. :o) This was my last out of the 4 bars I bought last week. I'm definitely going to buy more of these next time we go grocery shopping.

I'm definitely definitely definitely going to run 3 miles when I get home from work tonight. Then I have a fun dinner idea and I have to watch Monday Night Football cuz the Bills are in town to the Patriots.


  1. I love the blog! It looks great! I showed it to everyone at work and they are all going to keep reading it they loved it! Good Luck with the healthy lifestyle haha I need to try that!!


  2. Thanks Lauren!

    As I get this going (only started at the beginning of September), I am hoping to have recipes, healthy tips, product review, and definitely some giveaways!