Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great Eight

I wasn't too hungry after my workout but I knew that I needed something to eat. I decided to try a Greens Plus bar.

Wow, that's a lot of information and A LOT of healthy ingredients. I LOVED this bar. The tangy berry flavor was awesome and the yogurt coating was perfect. I liked the texture too. If it didn't cost over $2, I would buy a lot more of these.

I had some yogurt with a sprinkle of granola around 4 pm. Jared had mentioned running after work so I knew I'd need to have something in my stomach. (That's a photo of my grandpa and me. He passed away last Christmas, but I still think about him a lot)

I got home from work and took care of the dog. Jared was running late so I had a bit of my mom's homemade banana bread for a snack. My mom is known for her banana bread. She uses a recipe she cut from the newspaper in the early 1980s. Nothing can top your mom's baking and the childhood memories it conjures.

Jared came home not just ready to run, but also with the news that Mark was running with us. We ran 7.5 miles and then walked the last 3/4 mile home. I felt great! We ran along the Charles. The path was better lit than I had expected. Plus running with 2 guys who are both over 6 feet helps to make things less scary. The views of Cambridge, and then Boston after we crossed the bridge at Cambridge Street, were so pretty! I love the city at night.

Our goal was to run 8 miles but the Map My Run app wasn't working quite right. I can rationalize. If I add the 7.5 run and the 0.75 walk, we definitely reached our goal. Eight feels great!

If anyone has any good running music, let me know. We're planning one more long run before the 1/2 Marathon and I get bored easily!

There was a chilly wind along the Charles. I was really cold when we got home so I knew soup would be the perfect thing to warm me up. Grilled cheese is ideal with soup. And since we didn't have crackers, I had a few French Onion chips.

After such a busy day I am ready to relax on the couch! I'll probably watch Glee and then drag my tired self to bed!


  1. I used to like to run to The Living End's Roll On album.

  2. I listened to their song "White Noise" on YouTube and I liked what I heard. Upbeat and a great way to help me keep up my pace. Some i-tunes browsing is on the agenda for later this evening.

    Thanks again for the tip!