Friday, September 18, 2009


I broke out my fall/Halloween decorations at work. Don't worry, I didn't start to put anything up yet. I just removed it from the file cabinet so I could take an inventory. Then I snacked on a plum!

When I got home from work, Jared and I decided to go to a local restaurant Anchovies for dinner. I wanted to wear this cozy sweater but the security tag is still on! To make things worse, I think I threw out the receipt. Do you think Banana Republic will still help me out and get the damn thing off?

I had a glass of Malbec while we waited for our table at Anchovies. I love love love this Malbec. It has a buttery finish and goes down so smooth.

House salad with pesto dressing. I didn't eat the whole thing because the pesto was overwhelming as I got to the bottom of the bowl.

I ordered one of the specials: the veggie lasagna! It was SO good. It was packed with green beans, broccoli, artichokes, and peppers. I didn't finish it, but I destroyed it while I was digging for veggies so it wasn't worth it to bring home leftovers.

Jared ordered a bottle of one of his favorite wines, a Montepulciano. It was decent, but after sipping on my Malbec, I wasn't overly thrilled. This one was too tannic and was making my mouth dry and puckered after each sip.

When we got home, it was time for an EARLY birthday celebration. Jared had to hide my gifts in the basement because that's the only place in the apartment that I wouldn't find them. Miles was by my side to help me open each and every item. Haha. I got a t-shirt from Johnny Cupcakes, boots from Madewell, and.... a series of SPA visits! Manicure, back massage, facial, etc. I think there's 5 different treatments in the package. I am super excited! Thank you Jared!!!

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