Thursday, September 3, 2009

Up but not quite running

I'm confident that by the end of this weekend Crunches for Cupcakes will be in full swing. My wonderful boyfriend is going to create a banner and help me with some housekeeping tasks. I want to ditch the template-look and create something that's more unique, more me, and more cupcake-related!

I was planning to start the day with a slice of homemade banana bread. The boyfriend helped himself to a whopping piece but when it was my turn to take some, I noticed the loaf was full of mold. Oh no! I ended up having a Stonyfield vanilla yogurt and some Bear Naked granola when I got to work.

I snacked on grapes and on a 100 calorie bag of Sunchips throughout the morning. My mom came to visit my office around noon and we took a walk around Brookline. We strolled through the cemetery behind my building. Not really too morbid: Growing up we always played in the cemetery. We took walks and rode bikes along the roadways and even went sledding in the winter. It was nice to get out and about and enjoy the awesome weather!

I had a late lunch of leftovers including some Carne Asada from Trader Joe's and pad thai. Not overly impressive but I needed to eat something. The entire office got disconnected from the internet so we all got sent home early.

My boyfriend had his appendix out last week and received a HUGE basket of chocolate goodies from his company. Being bored and ready to enjoy my early afternoon home, I indulged in a few pieces of a Toblerone bar and a Lindor Truffle.

The boyfriend and his business partner are meeting right now so I am banned from the living room. Look for new and exciting iPhone apps from Fiesta Cabin in the near future. I think I need a glass of wine to celebrate "Thirsty Thursday."


(Grrr, I wanted that dog photo to appear inside the post but right now it's still stuck at the top. I have a lot to learn!)

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