Saturday, September 5, 2009

"For Boston, for Boston..."

I'm so excited for the start of Boston College football. I'm wearing my BC Vineyard Vines polo shirt. No Super Fan t-shirt for this game, sorry! While I'm sad that I'm not cheering this year (loved being right on the sidelines), I know I'm a little to old to be out there turning cartwheels with the kids.

BC is playing Northeastern. I spent my 5 years of undergrad at NU and then a year and a half of grad school at BC. Who am I routing for? Eagles, Eagles, EAGLES!!! I just love the energy and support for BC Athletics. Makes me proud whenever I spend time wandering around the Heights.

Before the game, I'm hoping to run over to Johnny Cupcakes to buy a limited edition t-shirt. There are 133 in the series and it was released fingers crossed that there are some left. The shirt has an awesome picture of a toaster oven with 2 cupcakes popping out. Love it!

We went to see Inglorious Bastards last night and I snagged a few handfuls of Jared's popcorn and sips of Chris's soda. Now I'm off to do some yoga poses before I decide what to eat for breakfast.

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