Thursday, September 10, 2009

Running Recap

I'm happy to report that during tonight's run, my cramps were MUCH better. I was able to run through each one without any major discomfort. I tried to breathe deeply from the beginning and maintain a steady pace.

One downfall of city living is that outdoor runs get wasted dodging pedestrians and waiting at stoplights. I feel silly jogging in place but I have trouble with all of the stopping and starting. Does anyone have any techniques that help? Ultimately, I need to walk to the Esplanade and then run without interruptions. I think that's what we'll do when Jared and I go for a long run on Sunday.

I'm slooooowly learning ways to distract myself while I'm running so I don't keep checking my watch and wondering when the self-torture will be over. During today's run I thought about my favorite bloggers who are training for races of their own. We're all in the same boat and we're facing the same challenges. If I ever need any advice, I can just send out an e-mail and see who has time to respond first.

Fun fact: Chanting blog names in my mind helped to keep my pace! Too bad Crunches for Cupcakes doesn't work. But "Eat...Live...Run" and "Eat...Real...Food" worked perfectly. Whatever it takes!!!

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