Monday, September 7, 2009

Rooftop Grilling

I was too tired to post last night so here's a recap of my dinner:

Chris made Caipirinhas for us with some alcohol that he brought back from Brazil. Thanks Chris for saving us a few calories by using Splenda instead of actual sugar. The drink was tasty but so sweet that I couldn't drink more than one. I had a few glasses of Rose. Jared wanted me to try it because it's the current house wine at a nearby tapas restaurant Toro.

Chris is the grill master. He made corn, asparagus, and pork.

RIP rooftop garden. Those peppers were supposed to be green but they were left on the wine too long and now they've rotted. The tomato plants are dead. Guess Chris can just hope for more homegrown veggies next summer!

I always cut my corn off of the cob, otherwise it will get stuck in my teeth. Totally ruins the meal when I need to run and grab floss! Everything was delicious! I'll be honest, my pieces of pork were a little too rare for my taste, but I traded with Jared and was 100% satisfied.

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