Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clothes Horse

I love shopping! Possibly even more than I love good food and working out. Ok, not possibly, definitely. If I had to choose between a designer handbag and grocery shopping, I would totally be carrying that new bag.

In Paris! Shopping dream come true....even though I didn't end up buying the coveted Louis Vuitton bag!

My dad got a paparazzi shot of me shopping in London. I'm clearly focused on the impending purchase.

I'm trying to sift through my closet, both at my apartment in Boston and at my parents' house, and get rid of stuff that I won't wear again. I have a huge pile that I need to bring to the Salvation Army.

I like to check out Style Bakery's fashion blog for tips on the latest and greatest...

Items to Update your Fall Wardrobe
1. Leather biker jacket

2. Soft, draped day dress

3. Layered chain necklace: I was able to get a really funky necklace from TopShop in London so I've got this one covered.

4. Printed scarf: Scarves were EVERYWHERE in London. I think I came home with 4 or 5 different patterns.

5. Skinny inky blue or black jeans

6. Studded ankle boots: My Seychelles booties just arrived in the mail.

7. Long cardigan: Obsessed with long "Grandpa" cardigans. They're so comfy and cozy. Plus they cover a lot when I'm not feeling my skinniest.

8. Red bag: Got one from Cole Haan a few years ago. Love the buttery soft leather!

9. Red lipstick

10. Green or purple nail polish: Dark purple is my go-to color!

Dreaming of an engagement ring from Tiffanys!!!


  1. I just read most of your posts and really like your blog so far! I started my own blog a couple months ago (http://chocolatepickle.wordpress.com) and can't wait to read more of yours! I am from Chicago (live in Milwaukee now) and my sister is doing graduate work at BC and lives in Charlestown so I love reading about anything Boston:) Keep it up!

  2. i'm with you on the long cardigan - i've gotta snatch up a bunch of them before they go out of style!

  3. Love motorcycle jackets. I've been saving for a cute chocolate brown color from Burlington Coat Factory.

    Scarves will never go out of style. Love them!

  4. Love this fashion list. I need to really think about what I want to wear this fall/winter. Found you from carrots n cake!

  5. Thanks for the feedback! I love getting comments

    I am thinking about saving money for either a motorcycle jacket or a boyfriend blazer. Shopping in Boston is TOO expensive most of the time so I need to drive to the Wrentham Outlets and see if I can score some deals.

  6. With you on the shopping trip to Wrentham....not sure about he bikers jacket....but the long cardigans are a must...keep bloggin I love it...