Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's My Friday

I spotted the box of Special K when I walked into the kitchen this morning and knew that I needed to have a bowl of my favorite cereal. I was SO hungry when I woke up...must've been from the 4.5 mile run last night!

I snacked on a peach before I had to drive to a meeting on BC's Newton campus. (I painted my nails dark blue last night. I keep my nails short because it makes me feel like they're cleaner. I think they only look good when they're painted dark colors. I wish I could go for a professional mani/pedi!)

About to head to my meeting. Not a flattering picture but I just wanted a photograph because I actually dressed semi-nice at work today. Normally I just wear whatever can fall under the business casual heading because I really don't care. I wish I had a good reason to dress up for work each day!

After the meeting I walked Miles around the parking garage. Long story...our bathroom fan is finally being replaced today. Miles had to come back to work with me for one more day. When I got back to my desk, I reheated the chicken parm from last night but forgot to take a photo. I was distracted because I thought the center of the chicken looked really undercooked.

Sad to report that I got 2 tiny dots of red sauce on my white shirt! Happy to report that I have Spray 'n' Wash at home so I should be able to remove them.

I treated myself to some sinfully good chocolate!

I'm very loyal to Lindor Truffles but the squares from this bar were quite good. There are 3 or 4 more bars in our snack drawer. They are part of Jared's Get Well goody basket that his company sent last month after he had his appendix out.

In another 10 minutes or so I'm going to take my break and take Miles for a nice long walk.

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