Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still Muchin'

I booked my first spa appointment!!! I am so excited. On October 1st I'm going to get a back massage and a back wrap. It sounds so relaxing. I can't wait.

I was in a foodie mood when I got home so I used the taco leftovers to make a taco salad. I filled a bowl with lettuce and cucumbers. I reheated the meat and then topped that with cheese and Ranch dressing. I don't have my favorite Kraft Ranch dressing and the Ken's Steakhouse brand wasn't as good.

I found this in the snack drawer and couldn't resist some dessert.

My new smoothie maker arrived today. Thanks again to Bob and Kris for the great gift. The machine is called the "Smooth Operator" and it's one sexy smoothie maker!

I couldn't resist trying it out right away. I mixed ice cubes, 1 cup of orange juice, and one cup of frozen berries.

The motor on the Smooth Operator is so powerful. It crushed the ice in seconds! So much easier than the old blender that I kept needing to mix.

So fruity and delicious! I read 500 Smoothies and Juices to get ideas for my breakfast smoothie tomorrow morning.

I was still snackie so I ate a bowl of Peppercorn Ranch Sunchips. New flavor and I liked it!

I feel a little guilty that we didn't go running tonight but sometimes life hands you too many distractions. Jared and I went to drop off/pick up laundry. Then I worked painting the bathroom for an hour. I'm pretty sure I'm done with painting for a while.

Now I want to kick back and relax and watch the Office!

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