Saturday, September 26, 2009

Picture Perfect Day

Jared was in charge of making lunch while I was getting ready to go. He prepared turkey sandwiches with Wheat Thins, baby carrots, and apple slices.

We walked from the South End to the waterfront. It was such a nice day. I felt bad that we were heading inside but for desserts, I made the sacrifice.

Tasty treats, this way!!!

I was in love with the leopard print wrapping around these cupcakes. So cute! I am definitely having cupcakes at my wedding someday!

Pretty flowers to add to the atmosphere.

Wedding cake with slices for sampling

Chocolate fondue provided by the Melting Pot

We walked to the North End and wandered into Polcari's Coffee. Such a cute and old school shop. They're cash only so I'll hit the ATM before I head back there.

We bought 0.5 pounds of Pecan Rum flavored beans. It smells like heaven and I can't wait til tomorrow morning to brew it! I wanted to try the Pumpkin flavored coffee but they had JUST sold out. There are tons of tasty flavors to pick from so I'll be back to sample more.

Cute silverware in the sidewalk...only in the North End where there's an Italian restaurant every 50 feet.

We walked past Haymarket where there were lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for sale.

There was a charity bike race in Government Center. Pat the Patriot was there for the mascot race. We met up with Chris, Mark, and Maggie to enjoy the festivities.

Mascots lined up and ready to go!

The men's race started around 5. The riders did 0.7 mile laps for about 90 minutes. Some of the turns were really tight, and really scary to stand on the corners and watch.

We got bored and cold after watching for 30 minutes so we walked to The Living Room for dinner and drinks. I started with a glass of Blue Moon.

Then I dined on macaroni and cheese and a side salad. Mmmm!

On the walk home, the guys started arguing over who could ID beers in a blind taste test. So we decided to create our own.

They were blindfolded and sampled glasses of Coors Light, Miller Light, and Bud Light. Jared was the winner, getting all 3 correct. Mark and Chris didn't get any right. Sorry guys; maybe next time!

We're all hanging out and watching the Penn State/Iowa game.

So obviously Jared and I didn't go for a short run like we had planned. More proof that we're not morning people. We ran out of time and then just needed to get to the Dessert Showcase. I'd like to think we made up for it by walking around all afternoon and by sampling much fewer desserts than we planned. (FYI, I think I had 1 cupcake, 1 bite of cake, iced coffee, 1 chocolate covered strawberry, and 1 bite of a coconut brownie bar)

We're definitely going running tomorrow. The weather will determine whether we do our 8 mile training run or a quick 3 miler. If it's crappy and we only run 3, we're going to have to do a long run sometime during the week.

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