Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Recap

Here's the photo of my toast with peanut butter and bananas. (In college, I would eat 1/2 of a jar of peanut butter in one sitting. What was I thinking?!?!)

Miles was really stressed at the MSPCA Dog Walk. It was really hot and crowded. The poor little guy was overwhelmed. He was possessive over the water bowls and showed his teeth at a few dogs. I am trying to discipline him but corgis are so stubborn!

Of course I needed a picture with my dog-son!

After the walk, Jared and I went to Sissy K's near Faneuil Hall to watch football with Chris and his brother. Since my camera died at the dog walk, I didn't get a picture of my chicken Caesar wrap.

I wasn't hungry for a while so dinner was at 10 pm! Jared marinated the chicken using the most delicious lemony marinade and we had pasta with Parmesan cheese and more of the Montepulciano from the other night.

Sunday night football and a glass of vino! The Packers/Bears game was really exciting. I can't believe I stayed awake for the whole thing! (I did take a few breaks from the game to put laundry away and to start deep cleaning the bathroom. Also put clean sheets on the bed! Nothing tops going to bed after its been freshly made!)

I had a tough time falling asleep...blame it on the nap from 5:30-7 pm plus the coffee from Starbucks! To help myself relax, I turned the king size bed into a yoga mat. It was weird to be so high up while doing downward dogs. During my sun salutations, I was touching the ceiling!

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