Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TV Tuesday

I snacked on a nice fresh peach around 2 pm. I prefer peaches when they're very firm and crunchy. This one met my standards!

I wish the pill was a bit smaller! I always end up hitting something in the pack of my throat and then I swear I can taste the pill for the rest of the day. Gross! At least vitamin #1 went down ok. We'll see how the other 59 pills in the bottle treat me.

I made dinner as soon as I got home. I almost forgot about the leftover chicken sausage that my mom packed for me. I made two wheat wraps and added American cheese and a pickle to each one.

Dessert was 4 Vienna Fingers. As soon as I finished, I got to work cleaning the apartment. It must seem like I'm always cleaning...but with a dog that sheds like crazy, I need to vacuum a lot! I removed the couch cushions and cleaned the fur that was hidden underneath. I really worked up a sweat. Cleaning is great exercise!

I've been watching the Biggest Loser while doing my housework. I love this show; the contestants are so inspirational. I like seeing everyone take control of their lives and making amazing changes. The Green Team is especially touching and it's been tough not to cry!

Jared is hanging hooks for my handbags and we have a few more household items to attend to before calling it a night.

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